GSelector Version 3.10 sworn in and ready for business

White Plains, NY January 20, 2009 - RCS announced the release of GSelector 3.10; adding several new enhancements to the world's first PATENTED Goal Scheduler™ including: Song Groups, Advanced Search, Quick Filters and Twofers.

NEW to GSelector 3.10:

Now users can create groups between active and or inactive songs that you want to manage collectively over a cluster. Media attributes remain unique per song but can be shared with all songs in a group. Search songs, links or notes in your full database with no restrictions- this also includes searching while in the Editor for those programmers wanting to add spice on the spot.

Quick Filter- In the editor quickly get a list of songs or links with a given value. Chose from "All Category Groups/Categories", "Within Category Group At Current Position" or "Within Category At Current Position".

Advanced Search- This is a powerful feature that allows you to search for songs, links or notes in your full enterprise database with virtually no restrictions.

Twofer Methodology- Use a new clock type for songs named Twofer. Once a Twofer element is placed in a clock the software automatically attempts to fill the position with another song by the same artist.

Performance Optimizations- We have improved the performance of Research Attribute fields when displayed in a browse or the Editor and we have increased the speed of pulling Hour Restriction data from the database.

Artist to Vocalist Options- Artist to Vocalist Settings now allow you to define one or more multi-character delimiters used to separate Vocalists in your Artist strings.

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